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Miranda Sofroniou Art

by Lenah

Some Friday art inspiration for you.

I love Miranda’s art and as much as I would love to buy all of her prints, I need to pick a favourite or two. I also follow another artist called Roeqiya Fris, but more from her later on. The thing is, when you hang stuff on your wall, you need to love it. It needs to give you an instant feeling of feel-good and you need to be able to relate to it.

So, choosing one out of many is not as easy as it seems. When you go through their Instagram feed or websites, you see it all as one – one particular style and color scheme, but to select one or two is a bit more tricky. It also have to go with the rest of your home deco style, so you’ll have to go from there of course.

Here are a few of Miranda Sofroniou, you’ll find her here: Insta, Etsy and website.




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