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Femme Magazine – My latest Article

by Lenah

This article is all about tanning. Real tan vs fake tan.

It surprised me when I was reading up on the subject, how little we know about the importance of Vitamin D. You always hear about Vitamin A, B, C and E but not much about D. So many people suffer from a D deficiency since we spend too little time in natural daylight. It seems we either sit inside in front of a laptop orĀ we go nuts on the beach, hours and hours soaked in Spf 4 oil, compared to years ago when people weren’t chained to their office or laptop and instead spent more time outdoors, able to soak up the vitamins but avoiding getting burned.

The right way to get the most out of the sun and its important health benefits is to spend a few minutes here and there, enough to take up the important vitamin, but not long enough for your skin to turn light pink. Actually, a 10-15 min/day is just about enough to get enough D’s. Once you know you’ll be long in the sun, apply sun lotion, or even better; cover up with long sleeves, hat and glasses!


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