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Nuxe Honey Lip Balm

by Lenah

If anyone sufferes from very dry lips, this is your cure – Nuxe Honey Lip Balm.

I had been using lipsticks and a variety of balms which really dried out my lips and whatever I did, they remained chapped. It’s no fun when you have your skin under control but the lips are all dry and unattractive, so I ended up trying a rich balm from Nuxe. It really sorted them out from day 1 so I bought a whole box of these little glass jars 🙂

It has quite a rich and somewhat grainy texture, some people don’t like the grainy part, but if you warm it between your fingers before applying, those tiny bits dissolves quickly. I personally don’t even notice them but some people do.

Since it’s rather rich, using it at night is also a good idea if the texture is too much to use under lipstick, but I use it day and night just to make sure I never go back to that chapped, dry state again!


“Muscat Rosemary Oil and Beeswax is deeply replenishing. 
Allantoin soothes while Acacia Honey repairs. 
Vitamin E protects the lips.”

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