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Packing for a Weekend Trip

by Lenah

Next month we are once again going to Rome for a couple of days, and packing for a weekend trip is always a head-scratcher. You stand there, suitcase open, and no idea what or how to pack. Every time.

I honestly have this issue every place and every time I go, so I googled my way to some ideas. I’ve put together a list of what I thought of as good tips (also based on my own experience :))

  • Pack by Outfit. Sounds obvious, but this is something I actually thought of doing lately, and it is helpful. If you pick a top, make sure you can picture the full outfit to go with it; pants, shoes, bag and accessories. If you can’t pack the full outfit – don’t pack the top. Keep your itinerary in mind, and plan your outfits according to what you will be doing (and of course, check the weather forecast).
  • Lay everything out on the bed. Create a moodboard of every outfit, before putting it all in the luggage. That way you can create a better picture of what actually seem like a pointless item or what is missing.
  • Shoes. This is where I often fail. I tend to pack too many heels or shoes that are generally not very suitable for a full day of walking (like light, pointy ballerinas). Thankfully, finding trendy and comfortable sneakers and dressy sandals is not very hard nowadays. They go with pretty much everything (jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses), they are kind to your feet, and can easily be worn with an evening dinner outfit.
  • Toiletry bag. Stick to the same rule as with the outfits; list your morning and evening skincare routine and stick to those products only. For someone like myself, having a million creams and whatnot in my bathroom, this part is often time consuming. If possible, go for travel size bottles when it comes to haircare and body care, and if you can replace any of your skincare products with samples, pack those instead of the full size. I save every sample I get for travel purposes :). Make sure you also leave some space for a small ‘Emergency Kit’ such as Panadols, plasters (in case the new sneaks are misbehaving), eye drops (to avoid redness from early morning flight) and antihistamines (in case of an allergic reaction. Mine is usually from attacking cute dogs)
  • Throw in some empty plastic bags too, so that separating your laundry from clean clothes is easy.
  • Once everything is packed, add some Drier Sheets between your stuff, that way everything will smell fresh 🙂

  • Additional check-list would include: mobile charger, laptop+charger, sunglasses, extra lenses/contact solution (something I tend to forget), adapter plug, toothpaste, travel pillow, meds/vitamins.


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