Supermood Beauty Sleep Oil Ritual Face Wash 100ml




100 ml

For Normal to Dry Skin

A skin softening oil-based cleanser for gentle, yet effective facial wash. The main ingredients are luxurious oils – sunflower seed oil,  pomegranate seed oil, and virgin coconut oil. The cleanser reacts with water so it is easy to use and it cleanses the face gently but efficiently.

This wash is deep cleansing and perfect for night use. It takes away all traces of makeup, dirt, and other buildups. Carefully chosen high-quality oils nurture the skin while washing ingredients work together creating a perfect combination that is very deep cleansing.

Important! Oil Ritual Face Wash includes skin softening oils and washing ingredients that need to emulsify together. Shake the bottle for as long as the product remains slightly fuzzy, about 30-60 seconds.



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