Supermood Beauty Sleep Sweet Pillow Scent 30ml




30 ml

You might not be aware how much different scents affect us? Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to heal our mind and body. We wanted to create a perfect scent that would give our body a message to unwind and help to fall asleep.

Sweet pillow scent is a very calming and therapeutic blend of florals & herbs, which can be sprayed onto your bedlinen before bedtime. The recipe was specifically developed for Supermood by the organic herb farm Frantsila. The scent contains only natural ingredients.

How to apply:

Spray onto your pillow and bedlinen.

Warning: Not directly on the skin.


Not for children.

Beware of eye contact.


Key benefits:

  • Can be used on bed linen and pillow
  • Calms the body and mind in a subtle and natural way
  • Helps to fall asleep


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