Supermood Youth Glo Luxury Peel 75ml




75 ml

For All Skin Types

This sensational face peel is extremely effective; it peels and renews facial skin, creating a sensational glow. The Luxury Peel contains lactic acid, plant extracts with fruit acid, buckthorn extract rich in vitamin C, detoxifying cornflower water, and soothing marigold extract.

How to apply:

The peel is very effective, so we recommend to leave the product on the skin for only 60 seconds when applying it for the first time. Redness of the skin is normal after the peel and will disappear by itself. Depending on the skin type, the peel can be left on the skin for longer, but we recommend to use the product no more than once a week.

Key benefits:

  • Moth beans contain vitamin A, a natural retinol that creates beautiful glow on the skin
  • Youth Glo Babyface Mask compliments this peel perfectly and cools down possible redness
  • Recommended to use once a week



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