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Marbella was beautiful as always. The last time we went, few weeks ago, I literally did nothing. Just stayed near our apartment, in the pool for hours and went for long walks. (J obviously played tennis and Aiden was carspotting)

I love the contrast from Malta, green lush areas and a different type of lifestyle that we really click with. It doesn’t have a strong ‘personality’ the way Malta has though, so I love going back and forth to get the best of both worlds.

Oh – I can really recommend Breathe, go to the rooftop bar and enjoy the view and a beautiful cocktail!


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Hot drinks in hot weather

When the heatwave arrives and you still feel coffee is the only answer. Yes, even in the heat, my morning coffee is obligatory. It’s not about waking myself up, because if I had to choose between a Red Bull Energy drink or a decaf coffee, I’d still pick the latter. It’s the habit more than anything.

Drinking warm or hot drinks in hot weather is not me being crazy; 

You actually lower the stored amount of heat in the body provided the additional sweat that’s produced when you drink the hot drink can evaporate

Hmm, something to think about. Back to the coffee – I actually wrote a post about breaking the caffeine habit, the withdrawal symptoms and so on. If you feel you’re over-doing it, take a look 🙂

I’ve been there so I know it’s actually a habit you can break. But then again. The morning smell of coffee is too good to miss out on 😉



According to a research paper published by the University of Ottawa’s School of Human Kinetics, drinking hot drinks on hot, dry days can cool you down. The circumstances have to be ideal, but it is possible that a warm drink can reduce your body temperature. Drinking hot drinks makes you sweat disproportionately more



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This is so weird, I don’t think I ever wore a jacket of any kind in June? In Malta that is. The air was hotter in early spring actually. Like, we did the photoshoot for Sprachcaffe in April and it was hot. Hmm..

I don’t mind a little cool air anyway coz  that horrible 40+ heat is not any better, we’ve already booked tickets for Sweden in August 😉

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Lindt Dark Chocolate a Touch of Sea Salt

This one is soo good. I love the mix of dark chocolate and sea salt, unfortunately we cannot find it here in Malta, so we try to stock up when we go abroad hehe. Actually what was even better was Jonas mum’s home-made dark chocolate fudge with sea salt, she sent us a box for Christmas and it was meant to be for everyone but we ate them all in like 3 days ;o)

Dark chocolate has a lot of health benefits so don’t feel bad:)

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Zara alarm system

Good morning everyone! Malta weather is very nasty today, rain lightning and thunder. I think it’s kinda cosy actually.

In my old Swedish blog I used to write posts about things that upset me or annoyed me or generally made me swear but as you might have noticed I try to ignore those topics in this blog, you know, to pay more attention to the positive and beautiful things. It’s just that…last week I went twice to Zara, and I’m usually wearing something Zara labelled, like shoes or bags, and this thing with their alarm is something that I just can not ignore to write about. It really truly pisses me off and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been swearing and offending the poor security guy. The thing is; because they have a faulty system my boots or bags trigger the alarm as soon as I walk in or out of the shop. Every time it happens they ask me to go to the cash to inactivate my shoe/bag so that til next time there won’t be a sound. Even if it was correctly done at the time of purchase.

Basically any item purchased from the Zara Group (Bershka, Pull & Bear, Mango etc) will trigger the alarm.

This is SO embarrassing and annoying, it makes me not want to visit the god damn shop again. And I will not wear other boots or clothes just for the sake of not causing that sound and make everyone look at me as if I’m a thief.

So. Zara. PLEASE FIX YOUR ALARM SYSTEM!!! I want to be able to walk in with my old boots and not make a sound. Ok?


Zara boots for the win