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The boys luggage finally arrived this morning after waiting since Sunday. Quite an annoying ending to their otherwise amazing trip…Thankfully the bags were not stolen, simply neglected and misplaced in transfer. Such crappy service, but what can you do – bags are here and safe and so are they 😉 and oh – my Essie gifts! Since they are nowhere to be found in Malta, it’s a must to stock up when going to the airport.

Nail polish in a coral tone, apricot cuticle oil and  a clear base coat!


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Sally Hansen nails – review

Sally Hansen ‘So much fawn’  (so much it comes off)

The color is just what I was looking for and there’s a bit of a hype around this brand right now. Here in Malta at least, I don’t know about other places so I wanted to give it a try.

My verdict; The color is just right, the applicator is the same as the one of Dior Vernis (which I don’t really like) but it was still easy to apply, however the color itself, the actual product comes right off! At first I thought it was due to the very hot sun at the beach, as if it literally melted away like ice cream but I took it all off at home (which came off unusually easy) and did another layer. Same thing again, it comes off. Not as flakes but as if it’s too soft. Very strange.

So – No more Sally Hansen, I will remain faithful to my ever beautiful Italian brand Naj Oleari!

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Chanel Spring 2012 Nail Polish Collection

How pretty are these? Chanel is adding another 3 beautiful colors for our nails coming Spring 2012.  Around march/april you’ll find the cherry red for april, bubblegum pink for may and creamy orange for june.

I have to say I like all 3 and will definitely buy..checking the ad….ehm no I really can’t decide 🙂 I will try all of them.


Sneak Peek: Chanel Spring 2012 Nail Polish Collection