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Benefits of Glutathione

What is glutathione? In short, it’s a very powerful antioxidant that the body (the liver) makes and uses every day, and can be found in every cell in the body. It’s made up of three types of molecules known as amino acids and benefits the skin by boosting overall health. Since it is an antioxidant, it neutralizes and eliminates the free radicals (unstable atoms) that damage the skin at the cellular level to cause ageing and discolouration. (therefor often used as as skin whitening).

Glutathione has many important health functions and benefits, for example:

  • supporting immune function
  • helping the liver and gallbladder deal with fats
  • regenerating vitamins C and E
  • anti-aging properties
  • detoxifies the body

When we expose ourselves to certain factors such as stress, environmental toxins, poor nutrition and, well, age (kind of hard to escape) the level of glutathione is reduced. Which we simply don’t want.

If you want to add glutathione as a daily supplement you can always go for the capsules, however, there’s a more pleasant way to go about this. Supermood is providing us with the beauty of Dark Chocolate with Glutathione. Voila’! I think this is a brilliant idea, as this is way more exciting than capsules 🙂

Get yours from my shop or pop by my office in San Gwann if you happen to be in Malta!






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Supermood in Malta


Very soon you’ll find Finnish skincare brand Supermood in Malta. I’m currently working hard on setting up the shop, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy these beautiful products.

I love this brand because of their holistic approach to beauty and wellbeing;


Supermood is a natural Finnish skincare brand with a fresh take on beauty and wellness. We see beauty as an all-round holistic process, where physical and emotional well-being goes hand in hand with each other and are directly reflected in the way we look on the outside. That is why we do not offer just skincare products but also a selection of other wellbeing products ranging from dietary supplements to chocolate.


You’ll be able to find a good selection of Supermood products from my upcoming online shop Olistica, and also, feel free to stop by my office/store in San Gwann if you want to say hello and try the products.

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