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We’re back home:( Uff. I wanted to stay another day to be able to enjoy the yammi hotel breakfast and the beautiful people you see all over the city 😉 and the shops – I was like a lost puppy roaming around the streets and piazzas. Also, we ate quite a lot. And drank wine. The Shiseido Spa was a massive highlight though. I love their products and use them a lot, so it was quite an amazing experience to enjoy a facial in their newly opened spa. Everything was done to perfection, the salon, the therapists, the ‘relaxing room’ where we were treated to biscuits and tea after the treatment. It was especially nice to hydrate the face after a flight. Highly recommended.

Another place I can recommend is the restaurant and bar by Replay (jeans), called ‘The Stage’. If you want to feel like you’re in a movie scene, this is the place. Or, if you simply want to indulge in amazing food and drinks.

Milan feels like a very young, stylish and energetic city. We’ve been to Rome several times and I love it for its beauty and atmosphere, but Milan is the obvious choice if you want to shop, party or simply feel inspired and energized.

So, as much as I enjoyed it and wanted to stay, it’s always a nice feeling to come home to my little Bobo








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Right now I’m just chillin’ at home because we came home late last night and this morning I had a yoga class. Also went for a long power-walk. We also walked a lot in Milan, so my legs are super tired, but in a nice way 😉