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Vichy SPF 30 Hydrating Spray

by Lenah

My bottle is almost empty and it’s time to stock up on a few more of this liquid shine.

I love this product, it’s got SPF30, it contains hydrating hyuralonic acid and it has a pleasent subtle scent. What I also like is that it does not stain your clothes, and it’s light and easily absorbed. The only minus I can come up with is the size of the bottle. It’s great since it fits easily in my handbag and obviously in my beach bag, but I would have gone for a larger size if it was available.

You’ll also find 2 other options in this range; Vichy Ideal Soleil Antioxidant and Vichy Ideal Soleil Enhanced Tan. I have yet to try them, so cannot give my feedback on those 2 at this point.

To be totally honest, the reason I bought this product in the first place is because of how it looks. I want all my bodycare products to be display worthy, it has to be a damn good product for me to buy something with a non-attractive packaging. Sounds kind of lame, but I want my bodycare routine to be pleasant for all my senses. Do you ever think like that? It has to be an all-round good product, to put it that way. In this case, most suncare products are kind of dull, but I found this quite nice.



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